audible disease : noise realized.

Sequencenator SQ-1
Four step sequencer
Schizodelay SD-1
Analog delay with many noisy features
Double Trouble DT-1
Two distortions in one
Apocalyptic Rebound Machine ARM-1
Feedback loops plus distortion
Palindrome PD-1
Complete audio insanity
Infection IN-3
Wild two oscillator synth
Puchi Mixer PM-1
Compact 4 channel active mixer
Infection IN-2
Raging joystick operated synth
Thirty-Three TT-1
Car-wreck distortion plus octave down
Synth Bomb SB-1
Hand-held four oscillator synth
Dementia DM-1
Ultra noise synth
Fracture FR-1
Dilapidated tremolo plus high-gain distortion
Audio Signal Switcher ASS-1
Simple passive signal-switching device
Convulsion CN-2
Oscillating distortion, white noise and more
Rupture RP-2
Control insane feedback loops with a photo eye
Rupture RP-1
Demented sonic violence

NoiseGen NG-1
Fun and simple white noise generator

Super Switcher SS-1
Useful 4 channel momentary mute switch

Junk-Fi Sampler JF-2
Super lo-fi sampler device

Interruption IT-1
Four independent channel kill switch

Junk-Fi Sampler JF-1
Lo-fi 20 second sampler

Infection IN-1
Joystick operated synth pandemonium

Convulsion CN-1
Insane overdrive, white noise and more

Tinnitus TN-1
Noisy lo-fi audio pain

Circuit bent

Circuit Bent
One-off devices bent to audio hell

a.d. news.

Premier Guitar is on location in Anaheim, California, for the 2013 NAMM Show, where PG's Shawn Hammond visits the Audible Disease booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear the Thirty-Three, Schizodelay, and Infection, and take a look at the Puchi mixer. Watch the video.

Visit Audible Disease's booth at the 2013 NAMM show at the Anaheim Convention Center booth 1177 -- Hall E. Show dates are January 27 - 27, 2013.

Are you a dealer? Receive a nice discount on your first order if you place an order at NAMM (or if you mention that you talked to us at the show)!!
Wow! Really cool Audible Disease shirts are available though Spreadshirt. We ordered some of the 'heavy weight' tees and they look and smell great! Good quality shirt and printing. Check them out here.
AD gear is available now through MOOG Audio in Canada. Stop by their shop in Montreal or Toronto or take a look at their Web site.
Audible Disease is proud to have Prymaxe Vintage as a new dealer in Garwood, New Jersey. Visit their shop and have a look!
Audible Disease is happy to announce that Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago will be carrying the Audible Disease line. Stop by their shop and check them out!
Some Audible Disease stuff was talked about in Mats Nermark's infamous 'Hall E crawl' at Winter NAMM 2011. Watch the video.
Yup! We have a working prototype for an awesome envelope controlled guitar synthesizer. Sounds... weird! Stay tuned for more info.
The Blister BL-1 is a sweeping pulse wave modulation + insane distortion. It's been sooo back burner for a long time. But it will happen someday!
There was a nice article about Audible Disease in the August 2010 issue of Paper Cuts magazine. Click here to find out more about Paper Cuts.
Looking for tips on how to get the most out of your Rupture RP-1 or RP-2? Click here.
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