Look for unique one-off circuit bent devices from Audible Disease. All hand tortured for maximum displeasure. Here is just a small sampling of devices created in the past:

Boss Distortion DS-1 (Audible Disease Mod)
Bent distortion that sounds buzzy and boxy

This Boss Distortion DS-1 has been modified by Audible Disease and sounds pretty close to the infamous DOD Buzz Box. Two modes of sputtering and wind-breaking(!?) madness. A pushbutton switch has been added on the back of the pedal to switch between the two modes. Both modes affect the distortion circuit so you can turn down the modded sound by turning down the DIST knob. The first mode (button off) gives some added grit and tends to sound like a freakin' chainsaw when the input signal is low. I want to say that the second mode (button on) makes the distorted sound smoother, but it's much more like goopy sludge has been added to the effect. Nice!

Audible Disease Circuit Bent Noah's Ark
Circuit bent animal fun

This is a circuit bent NavyStar Musical Noah's Ark. As far as the bends go, it has had two knobs and two switches added to it. The first bend (left-hand knob) is a straight speed/pitch bend. The switch closest to it turns the bend on or off. The second bend (right-hand knob) is a speed bend but also sends the device into glitch mode. This also can be defeated or engaged with the adjacent switch. The device also has another switch that allows you to send the audio output to either the internal speaker or a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) mono jack located on the front of the unit. Hours and hours of circuit bent fun!

Audible Disease Talk N Learn Alphabet
Relearn your ABCs

This is a circuit bent Talk N Learn Alphabet and it's a great way to learn your ABCs... well, maybe not. Two nasty bends have been added and there are two 'modes' on the unit -- music mode and ABC mode. The bends in music mode make glitchy random notes far from what was originally intended for this device. In ABC mode, the bends can give you sputtering, coughing and downright creepy sounds. There is also a switch which lets you select between having the output go to the internal speaker or to a 1/4 inch mono jack. Operates on 2 x AA batteries. Fun abound... that's for true!

Audible Disease Orange Pleaser
Not normal sound by any means

You've heard of the Orange Squeezer? Well, the Audible Disease Orange Pleaser is nothing like that at all... except that the box is orange in color. This device will, though, please the discerning noise musician. It's pretty basic but really neat. It consists of two pedals (one bent to hell!) housed in one place. The left side has a stock Daphon Distortion E20DS inside to give grit, crunch and gain. The right side is a circuit bent DOD Stereo Flanger FX75-B. The flanger is totally out of control. It has two extra knobs when compared to the original. The first knob makes the pedal's flange feature go insane and warble at unprecidented levels. It also has a built-in feedback loop which makes the pedal even more adorable. It can oscillate, squeak and churn all by itself if you so desire. The left and right side can be 'latched' together with a flick of the toggle switch in the middle of the pedal. The flanger's output jack (#1) and the distortion's input jack are disabled in this mode. When the switch is off, the two pedals inside can operate independently... so you can use each part as you wish. I did say it was really neat!

Audible Disease Mix Me DJ
Circuit bent DJ fun

This is a one-off custom circuit bent device built by Audible Disease. It's originally a 'DJ' machine with a rotating scratch pad, loads of sound effects, a wide array of break beat, hip-hip, drum 'n' bass sort of rhythms, external (AUX) input and a nifty pop-out one octave keyboard. Audible Disease took the poor thing and bent it all to hell! It now has a pitch control which starts glitching and breaking up the sounds when it gets toward the highest possible pitch. The pitch is controllable via a knob or a theremin-esque photo eye (selectable with a switch). A volume control was also added as well as a switch which lets you flip the output between the built-in speaker and a 1/4 inch (mono) jack. This thing gets super loud and distorted on the line output when the volume is cranked! Also the boring old scratch wheel has been modified to a super-satanic-scratch wheel (with some paint!).

Audible Disease Animal Train
Unhappy circuit bent sound generator

The Audible Disease Animal Train is a one-off circuit bent sound generator based on some crappy kids toy incorporating a bunch of cute animals riding on a choo-choo train. Well, the circut has been modified to change the pitch of the animal and train sounds and the whole damn thing has be rehoused is a cool enclosure with 11 pretty red buttons and blue LEDs. Each of the red buttons play a pre-recorded sound (things like a duck, dog, train wheels, train horn, or a few chopped up songs you might hear coming from an ice cream truck). The knob controls the pitch of the sound being played back. Turn the knob during playback to get some wacky sounds! There are 2 blue LEDs. One of them shows whether or not the device is powered and the other one flashes when a sound is being played. Also has a 1/4 inch output jack and a power switch. Powered by either a standard 9-volt power adapter with a 'barrel' tip (negative center) or a 9-volt battery. Limited to an edition of ONE... unless we can (doubtfully) find the same toy to destroy again.

Audible Disease Noise Wolf 666
Circuit bent hell with remote transponder

The Noise Wolf 666 is a noise belching device limited to an edition of one! The main unit has three channels of controllers with the ability to switch on or off each channel then tweak the gut wrenching sounds with each of the three knobs. When all channel switches are off, remote communication with the main unit is possible with the transponder (included).

DOD Stereo Flanger FX75 (modified)
Circuit bent flange madness

Originally, the circuitry in this pedal was a DOD Stereo Flanger FX75 -- capable of flange sounds from crazy warble to jet airplane sounds. It's been enhanced with two bends of the circuit. The knob on the bottom right makes the sound swell up in some kind of crazy feedback tsunami. This thing can get really loud now! The knob on the bottom left gives a bit of tone tweakability to the flange sound. Oh yeah it can self oscillate now too! The knobs across the top are the standard DOD fare. If you haven't noticed already, it has a new pretty enclosure and a nice stomp switch. Also the power input has been changed to a negative tip 9 volt barrel type. Has stereo outputs. Limited edition: 1 of 1!!

DOD Stereo Phasor FX20-B (modified)
Circuit bent phasor purgatory

This is a heavily modified DOD Stereo Phasor FX20-B. It doesn't really have 'vintage phase sounds' or anything like that any more. It's been bent and rehoused for maximum noise mayhem. It has 2 inputs with a MIX knob to control the amount of input 1 or input 2 ... also has 2 stereo outputs. Also has an addition 2 knobs that control feedback squeal and phase punch. The switch on the bottom right turns off and on the feedback squeal. The rest of the controls are the standard DOD faire: SPEEN, DEPTH, REGEN and then the almighty DOD false-bypass switch. Powered only by a standard 9-volt barrel type power adapter (like the 1SPOT).

Audible Disease Chicco the Screeching Bear
Toy guitar circuit bent to hell

Meet Chicco the Screeching Bear. He used to play dainty melodies for bright-eyed children but not any more. You see, Chicco recently went under electronic surgery and now he sounds more like a deranged dying bear caught in a trap.

Two tweaking knobs were added as well as two body contact points. (you see three but the outside two are wired together). Sound only is derived by plugging it into something else that amplifies with the 1/4 inch jack. There has been some cosmetic changes as well. Chicco's bloodied red and green eyes light up as a sound is played. He's not so happy any more.